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Samenwerking met Thorco
22 december 2016

Last week Navigia has reached an agreement with Feederlines and Thorco Shipping Nederland to join forces in respect of technical ship management.

The staff of 14 people of Thorco Shipping Nederland will move from Winschoten to the office of Feederlines / Navigia in the city of Groningen, where they will join forces with 42 colleagues.

This year Feederlines was seperated from the former shareholder, Reederei Hartmann, Leer. Feederlines is now 100% owned by Jan van der Laan.
Navigia is owned by Jan van Breden and Eric Bos. Both companies merged their management activities earlier this year.
Thorco Holland is currently managing a fleet of 21 vessels.
Navigia/Feederlines received confirmation begin this month that the technical management for 6 units Abis B-type 3800 dwt open top vessels has been awarded to them by new Owners: Peak Norway.
The new joint venture company is having 65 vessels in ship management.

Name of the new office will be:
House of Shipping.

The office will represent 4 labels: Thorco Shipping / Navigia / Feederlines and Peak.
This change will bring a lot of challenges for everyone involved, but we are confident that together we will be able to meet current demands which we encounter.
We believe that with this merger of companies we have created the right setup to attack new challenges in the market for the upcoming period.


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